Frequently Asked Questions


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Why should I hire a professional photographer?

Consistency is one of the biggest differentiators between pro and amateur photographers. Why should you care about the depth of a photographer’s work? After all, you’re only buying a handful of images for prints and displays. It matters because the photographer may or may not be able to create on demand, or duplicate previous results. Before you invest in photography, you want to make sure you’re dealing with a true professional who can get the job done under a variety of circumstances.


How much are your prints?

Prints start at $4.  Unlike many photographers, I don't believe you should have to take out a second mortgage to afford quality lab prints.  From prints, matting & framing to canvas gallery wraps and custom hand-made albums, I've partnered with the best folks in the industry to offer the highest quality products at affordable prices.  Always included is exposure & color balancing, and optional effects like Black & White and Sepia conversion.  Metallic and archival paper stocks are also available as well as a variety of mounting options for your prints.  Have a question about a product?  Contact me here.


What is copyright?

Copyright is the exclusive right to make copies, license, and otherwise exploit a literary, musical, photographic, or artistic work, whether printed, audio, video, digital, etc.


If I pay you to take photos of me, do I own the rights to the photos?

No.  Images are the intellectual property of the creator.  Like most professional photographers, I do not sell or relinquish copyright to my work.  Profit from selling prints, albums and licenses are some of the ways that photographers like myself justify the many hours of time we put into retouching and perfecting our images in post-production.  Copyright also helps photographers make sure that the end products (prints, albums, etc.) maintain the high standard of quality to best represent them and the caliber of their work.


What if I want to use one of your photos for something?

I offer photo use licenses.  Using my photographs without permission (in the form of a use license) is copyright infringement. 


What is a photo use license? 

Photo use licenses can be very complex, but basically, a photo use license is a contract between the copyright owner and the party purchasing the license that allows the purchaser to "use" the copyrighted work for a use specified by the license.  Use license fees vary greatly and are determined by the copyright owner, usually based on the production costs, the value of their work, and the value of the usage their client is licensing.


Will you travel to photograph my event?

Absolutely.  Contact me for details.


How can I get pricing for your services?

You can contact me for current pricing, packages, and deals by sending me a message from the Contact page.  Please include details such as the type of photography you are in need of, event location, event date & time, etc.